I am still in awe of how cool it is to be a dad. The older my boy gets, the more awed I am. Every day is something new. I love it.

Today I was carrying him out of a store. He is one year old and full of life and I was having a great time hanging out with him. He looked up at me and then grabbed me around the neck and gave me a hug. It doesn’t get much better than that. Then, the little stinker looks me right in the eye and head butts me. So, I took his challenge. I squared me head to his and he head butted me three more times, grinning all the while.

He is learning and growing so fast. I am cautious about my time with him. I don’t want to miss a thing. Even a head butt between the eyes.

(Found this in something I had written over a year ago. I am more in awe now than I was then. My son turns 2 next week.)

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