Old movies and new thoughts…

I love watching movies. I remember Christmas of 1999 very well. Marixa got me my very first DVD player. I remember the excitement as I hooked it up to the new TV she had also gotten me. My very first DVD was Gone in 60 Seconds. I still love that movie to this day.

Last night we watched the movie Sabrina. Not the one from the 1950s, but the really cool remake starring Julia Ormond and Harrison Ford. It has been several years since I had seen that version. I remember liking it, but walked away with an even greater appreciation this time.

If you haven’t seen this one, it’s a story about a rich family who has a chauffeur. The chauffeur and his daughter, Sabrina, live in an apartment above the rich family’s garage. The daughter has an extreme infatuation with the rich family’s youngest son. He doesn’t know she exists. She takes a trip to Paris, learns a craft, finds out who she is, and returns home a very different person. The youngest son now notices her, and the story ensues. it ends with her falling in love, but not with who she thinks she wanted.

The movie came out in 1995. Marixa and I watched it several times in the late 90s and through the 2000s. I never thought I would watch it and see different things come out of the story. However, that is exactly what happened last night…my son watched it with us for the first time.

It is easy to forget that a story doesn’t carry as much meaning unless we have a understanding of contexts the characters find themselves in. The pain that Sabrina endures in the first part of the movie doesn’t make as much sense if you don’t understand what unrequited love is. The story really packs a punch if you understand what it feels like. For my 11-year-old, he struggled at the end of the movie because Sabrina did not end up with the person she “loved”. It really bothered him.

We had to explain the nuances of the story. Marixa and I both understand what it feels like to be in “love” with someone and they not feel the same way. We both understand what heartache and loss feel like. I am so thankful he has not had to endure that yet. We explained that when Sabrina went to France, she learned who she really was. When she came back and was confronted with her old life, she was finally able to see through her infatuation and was able to fall in love with someone new. It wasn’t what she originally wanted, but it was so much better.

Something else struck me about this movie. In many ways it’s a very interesting love story because of Harrison Ford‘s character. He had no intention of falling in love, but that is exactly what happened. He thought he was conducting business, but his heart had other plans. He was a man with no scruples, but was given the opportunity to become someone new. The opportunity to love Sabrina was worth leaving everything he’s ever known behind.

When you are 11 it is hard to understand there is a difference between what you think you want and what you really want. I think that’s sometimes hard to understand as an adult as well. Sometimes we become so sure of what we want that we never consider other possibilities until we are forced to. The loss of a job, a breakup, losing a friend may all seem like life is letting you down. What if there is something better?

When it comes to love, I am so glad I got what I wanted and not what I thought I wanted. I thought I knew what love was before Marixa…I had no clue. I thought I knew what I wanted to be when I grew up…I’m still figuring that out. The list goes on.

Yes. All of this came from a 25 year old movie. I love that. The good stories continue to move us in new ways.

On being a good neighbor

For the past year I have started out most mornings the same way…walking around my neighborhood. It has been a great way to stay active and keep my body moving as I continue to recover from the events of 2018. I love. I am amazed that I crave this every day now.

A few weeks ago I was out for my morning walk when I noticed an iPhone laying in the middle of the street. Being an avid Apple user, and picked it up to see what condition it was in. The screen was busted but still usable. I knew someone young had dropped it from the case that was on the phone, so I set it down on the curb so they could find it and started back on my way.

I was less than a block away when that voice inside my head told me to go back. I reasoned that if it was a young person’s phone, then I needed to give them every opportunity to find it and leaving it laying on a curb wasn’t it. So, I turned around, went back and got the phone, and then finished my walk.

The phone was out of power. So, I plugged it in and let it charge so I could try to ascertain where it might be from. When the phone powered back on my suspicions were confirmed. It was a young person’s phone. Not only was the case a clue, the background photo was of a young child’s cartoon. There was also a notification indicating that “mommy” needed to do something. I was now very glad the voice inside my head made me go back.

There were some other details on the notification I saw that led me to a Google search. Amazingly I was able to locate an address from the details In the notification window. I told myself that if I did not hear anything from a social media post that I had made, I would go over to that house the next day. I was uncertain if the address I looked up was the one, and did not want to give the phone to the wrong people, but it was a lead worth following if nothing else came up.

Later that afternoon, Marixa and I were working in the garage. We looked through the window and there was a black SUV slowly driving by our house. Then, it stopped in the middle of the road and backed up. The driver parked by the curb and then waved at us as she walked into the driveway.

“I know this might sound crazy,” she said. “My daughter lost her iPhone, and the find my iPhone feature indicates that it’s at your house.” Patience paid off.

“Yes,” I replied. “ I found one this morning while I was out on my walk. I brought it home to make sure it was safe so that I could find its owner. Let me go get it.” She expressed her gratitude and I went in the house.

One of the things that I learned from her is her daughter seven years old. With the screen busted like it was, there was a chance she might cut her fingers on the glass. Add extra iPhone from a recent upgrade that matched the model of the girls. I took it back out with me and showed my neighbor the condition of the glass. She told me she wasn’t worried about it as they had insurance on the phone. (incidentally, I also learned the house number that I had googled was theirs…)

I gave her the phone back, and then took my spare phone out of my pocket. I slipped the cover off of it and handed it to her.

“Please take this and use it until you get the phone fixed. This will help her use it without hurting herself.”

My neighbor thanked me, we said goodbye, she waived and drove away. It felt nice to do something nice for a young lady I did not know. It is also what I would have wanted someone to do for my son if the roles had been reversed.

I feel ashamed to say that I have never made much of an effort to get to know my neighbors. It is very easy to live my own life and never leave my house. There are amazing people all around. This was a perfect example of why I need to start getting to know them better.

I got this note on social media later that evening:

I want to be a good neighbor. I want to help people and be a bright spot in their lives. I think that is true of most of us. It’s just a good thing to do.

More – Song Lyrics


There has to be more to this life. More than just the struggle to survive. There has to be more from the days I have seen. There has to be more to me.

Verse 1

I’m going 90 miles an hour
the way these days go by
leaves you spinning in circles
sick from the ride
The faster that I go
the more important things I miss
This can’t go on forever
I can’t keep up like this


There has to be more to this life. More than just the struggle to survive. There has to be more from the days I have seen. There has to be more to me.

Verse 2

When you look you see a stranger
my face is just a shell
No one else has noticed
but you know me too well
The light that shone inside me
has dwindled to a spark
who knows how long it will be
before it all goes dark


There has to be more to this life. More than just the struggle to survive. There has to be more from the days I have seen. There has to be more to me.


Can you save me from this ride?
Take this fear from me?
Can you bring me anything
to curb the insanity?


There has to be more to this life. More than just the struggle to survive. There has to be more from the days I have seen. There has to be more to me.