Who is watching…what do they see?

I was in the store not long ago looking around. There was a man there with his children. Every couple of seconds he would tell them in a loud voice, “Put that down! We are not here to look at that!” He would then browse on and his kids would pick up something else. He yelled the same thing to them. Over and over he felt the need to belittle his children in public.

The kids were just being kids. They were not loud. They were not disruptive. They were just touching stuff. Unimportant stuff at that.

It makes me wonder, if he is like that in a store with people around, what is he like with them when no one is watching? Most people put on a good front in public, not this guy. Strangely enough his kids seemed mostly unfazed by it. This leads me to think that they ignore him, until they can’t anymore. They ignore until he gets so loud and obnoxious that they have to conform.

It has made me think. I don’t want to cast stones if I am guilty of the same things. Who am I when no one is watching? Am I worthy of my son’s respect? I know this…I strive to be.


I told myself last November that I wanted to post something daily whether it is a simple thought, or a full post…I want to be in the habit of putting things out into the world. Today marks 200 days since I started. I look forward to 400.