It is March 27, 2023 and I my head is spinning. The first three months of this year have flown by. There has been so much activity. Some good, some very good. Some not as good as I have wanted. That is the subject of today’s post.

One of the things I found in the last few months of 2022 was consistency. For 100 days I achieved all the goals I set for myself and then some. Then…I hit a plateau in my weight. From December to now I have not made any significant losses. I have maintained, but I have been stuck.

Has it been for a lack of trying? No. Not really. I have kept my diet in check…ish. Yes. I have enjoyed food a little more here and there, but for the most part I have stayed close to my daily calorie count.

Has it been for a lack of exercise? No. I am proud to say that I have been working out 5-6 times a week for well over a year. This is one area of my goals that I am very proud of. The program can always use some fine tuning, but I am happy with the work that I am putting in.

So, if it isn’t what I mentioned above? What is it? I have some theories that I am currently testing.

1. I have been on the same workout program for almost 2 years. I have built a lot of strength. I have built a lot of consistency. I think I have gotten too used to the program. So, I am switching it up as of today. I completed my new Day 1 today. It kicked my tail. I feel like I am back on the right track.

2. As I mentioned above, I have been close to my calories. But, I have not been diligent about my macros. I am going to focus in on this change over the next several weeks and see what progress I make. I have a feeling that things are about to start moving again.

3. I have been waffling on my goals. Sure, I have the original 7 that I set last year, but I have not solidified the goals I have for this round…until now. The laser is turned back on. Precise focus is making a return. In short, my goals got too familiar. It is time to reaffirm my intentions and work relentlessly.

My new 100 Days Strong has been set. I finish on the 5th of July. I will find freedom from this journey one day after independence day. At that time I will revisit the goals. I will refine them again. For now, the goal is set. My mind is made up.

1. Follow my exercise program.

2. Follow my eating program and my macros.

3. Drink 100 ounces of water per day and limit alcohol consumption.

4. Read/Listen to 1 chapter per day. I will share my new reading list soon.

5. Write daily to catalogue the journey and for creativity.

6. Take a daily progress photo and track my weight.

7. Encourage and spread the love each day as I go.

July 5th…I am coming for you. But for now, I am here. This is where I want to be. On this journey. Achieving my goals.

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