I had to have the talk with myself today. You know the one? Yep, that one. I made myself workout even though I didn’t really want to. I knew I needed to get it done, so I did. It didn’t matter that I didn’t want to do it.

The good news is I haven’t had to do this often. Most days I want to be at the gym. I crave the feeling of the workout and the high of the post workout. I have made it enough of a habit now that most days it comes naturally. But, there are those days.

We all have them. The “I don’t feel good” or “It won’t hurt to skip just this once” or “Will it even matter?” days. Sometimes, we have to give in. We can’t keep marking things off the list on those days because something legitimate has come up. Those are the exception. The very rare exception.

The only one that suffers if I don’t follow through is me. Or is it? I would argue that the consistency that we show in our choices has far more impact than we realize. I am prone to skip multiple days if I get off my routine. What does that do? It makes me irritable. I set a bad example. I feel constantly behind. It shows up in my attitude. In my work. In my relationships. In short, it matters.

So, I worked out today. I will workout again tomorrow and also do the other things that lead me closer to my goals. It is a must now. I made the agreement with myself. It is time to carry through. I don’t care if I don’t want to.

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