Today is day 9 of 100 Days Strong. It has been a good day. I am trying to sort out how to move forward with some of my goals. Let me explain.

Last round I decided I needed to drink 100 ounces of water per day. It was a great goal for someone who doesn’t really enjoy drinking water. However, I did it. I made it 100 days. I drank 10,000 ounces of water.

Down 40 pounds since the middle of last year. So excited to keep it going.

Something I noticed: I was over hydrating. From articles I have read, you can tell if you are over hydrating by tue color that shows up when you go to the bathroom. If it is bright yellow, you are dehydrated. If it is clear, you have had too much. If it is straw yellow, you are on target.

I was overdoing it. So, I have backed off. I am still trying to find a happy medium, but for now I think 64 ounces is sufficient and I will pay attention to the color and act accordingly.

The next thing I am working out is my creativity/writing. I have projects I want to work. I have to find the right time of day to fit them in. I am thinking when the house has gone to sleep and all is quiet, but we will see.

All in all, round 2 is going well. I am excited to be at it again. I am enjoying working out and getting in a groove. I am eager to see what progress I can make in the next few months.

#keepmovingforward #100DaysStrong #weightloss #goals

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