I gave a speech at my Toastmasters club today. The topic? Blogging. It was a fun time talking about why I enjoy putting down my thoughts in this form.

1. I have enjoyed documenting the journey I have been on. It helps me process and see things more clearly as I look back. I heard once that if you don’t write it down what is important, it is like it never happened. Sure you have your memories, but if you write them down they get clearer.

2. Blogging gives me a chance to work through ideas. I have found that as I write for the blog I am constantly working through how I want to say things. At times I rewrite sentences several times because it isn’t right yet. I have to get it right.

3. It is an opportunity to share with others. I like the community aspect of blogging. These words are out there for everyone to see. I am joining in the conversation.

Is it getting easier? No. Not really. Is it a worth pursuit. Yes.

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