It is day 98. I am two days away from the goal. I have made it 98 yards and I have two yards more to go for the touchdown.

Some thoughts as we wrap this thing up:

1. This is not rocket science. It is straightforward. That doesn’t mean it’s easy, but it is doable.

2. Ambiguity is the enemy. If you want to achieve a goal you have to be specific about what you are after. Otherwise you won’t be able to measure it.

3. Keeping The List small is a necessity. I have seven daily items I am working on. Any more than that and it is harder to keep moving forward.

4. 100 days is long enough to work on something and achieve results. After 100 days you have enough achievements to start analyzing what works and what doesn’t. I truly expect to be more productive in the next 100 days.

This 100 Days Strong journey has totally been worth it. Time to finish strong and start the next round.

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