As I come to the end of my 100 Days Strong journey, I am now looking towards my next steps. What is it that I want to accomplish next? Do I continue on with my current goals, or set new ones? I have some thinking to do.

To that end, I had an interesting conversation this week. I had mentioned to a colleague that reading was one of my current goals. The person I was talking to told me that she would also like to read more. With a few questions I found out her goal was a bit different than mine

She told me she has a goal to read for maximum comprehension. She told me about a book she wants to read by Jordan Peterson that outlines 12 distinct steps that need to be taken. To master those 12 steps, she will have to take a different approach than I have. She wants to internalize the material.

Over these past 96 days, I have read or listened to a chapter of a book every day. I am an auditory learner, so this works well for me as I can listen and learn generally about topics. I’ve read several books over the last 96 days and it has been quite the experience.

However, the idea of mastering the material inside of a singular book presents a different challenge all together. To learn the concepts and become proficient at them. To really understand the material in its entirety. A different planning regimen would have to be put into place.

I say all of this to make this point: her goal sounds similar to mine, but is not. Both goals are worthy of pursuit. However, the level of effort for one is much different than the other. I find this very interesting.

How many times do we tell people about our goals and think people understand? Only then to find out the difference and that there are nuances that we can learn from. There are different tactics we can take to achieve the goal we are after.

I love it that her goal was different than mine. I love that she had a focus that I had not considered. It makes me want to learn more and adopt some of her approach.

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