I wrote the words below some time ago, but ran across them today and wanted to share. I continue to journey with this beautiful woman. It is a wonderful adventure.

It seems like I have known you forever. And also like it’s only been days. Our love is still fresh, but so rich and deep.

We feel in love so quick. Many wondered if it would stick, I never doubted us for a moment.

I knew that We had found it. A love that was real and lasting. So, we marched confidently into the future.

We are not where we thought we’d be. But, that is completely ok. Where we are is better. I love who we are becoming.

It’s not an adventure if you know the path. There is no one I would rather do it with. You are my best friend.

I love it that I get to walk with you. That you are my partner through it all. I wouldn’t be me if it weren’t for you.

We are now two decades down this road. There are wonders and indescribable beauties. The best one of all my love is you, the woman I love.

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