I am tired. It has been a long journey and there is still some to go. I am going to admit it now, I am definitely tired. However, I am not tired in a worn out sense. I am tired in a content way.

Does that make sense? We spend our energy every day. We either work on things that get us to our goals or other things. If we are going to be tired, we might as well be tired working on things that carry us closer to where we want to be.

That was my excuse in the past. I was busy. I was tired. I had other things that had to be done. They were not leading me where I wanted to go. I wanted to feel proud of my accomplishments, but somewhere inside I knew something was missing.

For this reason, these past 82 days have been so different for me. They have been purposeful. They have been full of activity. I have been beyond tired many days, but I am tired and content. It is a better way to be.

Do you have a goal you have been putting off? What will it take to get there? I am ecstatic with how fast things have changed for the good. I have a feeling you will be too.

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