I have made it 71 days and have accomplished all of the daily goals I have set out to accomplish. For the majority of days I have kept my head down and been able to finish everything with relative ease. Today has been harder.

If you read my post yesterday, I have added two items to my list of daily tasks. This has unsettled the rhythm I have been in and I have been struggling with how to get things done. I am getting through them. The big one I have yet to accomplish is the 1000 words I have set out to write daily. There is still several hours before bed though, so I should get there.

This is another reason I am discovering change to be hard. Once you have yourself set in a habit or routine, breaking it can be a challenge. Even if you are adjusting it to add more cool stuff it. It is still a change and it still takes adjustment. I know I can’t be the only one that struggles with this.

I am also struggling today because I gained 3 pounds over the last couple of days. I have stayed in my calories and I still put pounds back on. I know it is not permanent and has happened all throughout this journey, but it is still discouraging. I have gotten to where I want to weigh in every morning to see my progress. It is a real mojo killer to see the scale go up.

All of that said, the goal still remains. I will make it to 100 days and I will accomplish the goals I have set before me. The results I achieve from pursuing these actions have to be the extra. I am doing the tasks because they are worth doing. I know they will eventually take me to where I want to go. But, even when I get there (lose the weight, write the book, etc.) there will still be more goals to pursue.

I am in this for the long haul. I am in this for the process. That is what makes this time different.

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