I am still on the journey to 100 Days Strong. Let’s be honest. When I started, I didn’t know if I could make it 100 days. I believed I could. I set it as the goal. But, it was a big number. Now that I am at day 59, I know that I will make it. There is not other choice.

Starting with my List, I have been able to approach every day the same. I have things that I have to get done. I mark the first one off the list as quickly as possible…I take my progress photo every morning at the same time. With that first task accomplished, it is easy to get into the routine pattern of marking the rest off the list.

As I mentioned kin a previous post, the List has stayed the same from a high level. However, I have taken an opportunity to fine tune some things along with way. Originally my goal was stick to my exercise plan. I had been working out three days a week and was going to fill in here and there with walking.

Without specifically intending to, I started walking on days that I was not lifting weights. That turned into walking even on days that I am lifting weights. Which then turned into walking, yoga, and lifting. I am averaging 2 workouts a day every day of the week, but one. I just walk on one day.

Sunday: Weights and 30+ minutes walking

Monday: Yoga and 30+ minutes walking

Tuesday: Wights and 30+ minutes walking

Wednesday: Yoga and 30+ minutes walking

Thursday: 30+ minutes walking

Friday: Weights and 30+ minutes walking

Saturday: Yoga and 30+ minutes walking

I have seen awesome results thus far. I am down 23 pounds in 58 days from changing the way I eat and workout.

It all started with the List and setting an achieve by date.


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