That is how it always starts. It was just a normal day and then…fill in the blank. Good or bad. There are so many instances of this. I understand this very well when it comes to the weather. I lived in Oklahoma for almost 38 years. There were several normal days that turned stormy in a hurry.

What is normal? it is an adjective that means: conforming to a standard; usual, typical, or expected. The word expected is what caught me here. As expected.

Usually when we expect one thing and get another, we haven’t been paying attention. In my example above about the weather, had I been paying attention to the forecast I would have known what to expect. I would have planned my response in advance based on those expectations.

I think we choose normal, because it’s easy. We get into our routines with the way we like to see things, and everything else flows out of that. The problem comes when we find ourselves in a bad situation and don’t really know how we got there. whether you find yourself lost or overweight or in a bad relationship…

I don’t wanna be normal. I don’t want to move through life, unaware, just floating, like a leaf on the breeze.I choose to keep my eyes open. I want to know what to expect, and therefore have to pay attention. I have agency in my life, and I choose to use it.

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