We did something the other day that we haven’t done in years. We went bowling. It was a good time. I haven’t been bowling since they started keeping score digitally. That was pretty cool. I remember having to keep score back in the day with a golf pencil. I like this better.

While we were at the alley, we listened to a mixture of country and oldies tunes. Most of what was playing was country from the 90s. That is the good stuff. I grew up listening to Garth Brooks, Brooks & Dunn, Clint Black and all the others. I knew most of the words to the songs that were playing. I was having a great time.

A few songs in my boy announces to me that all country singers sound the same. I will admit, I have had that thought about a lot of new country. Most of the things I have heard on the radio has a very similar sound. It is that way now because that is what sells. Back in the day, I would have never said that Clint Black and Alan Jackson sounded anything like one another. Unheard of.

One of my favorites back in the day was Travis Tritt. From Country Club to TROUBLE, I loved it every time his music came on the radio. It was down home and singable. I still sing along 30 years later.

One song he sang stands out more than the others: It’s a Great Day to Be Alive. The line that stood out to me said, “The suns still shining when I close my eyes.” I have found that most of my days are like this if I focus on the important things in my life: my faith, my family, my friends. It is only when I take my eyes off of these things that the sky starts to cloud up.

God has given us today to live and to do good. I believe that with everything that I am. So, I choose to do the good He would have me do. It is a great day.

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