You remember that line from the Matrix, right? Morpheus is training Neo. He is trying to get Neo to step into who he really is. To break away from his doubts. To be the one he was intended to be. Thankfully, by the end of the movie, Neo steps into his identity and the Matrix is forever changed.

In my new set of daily habits, I have been reading (listening) at least a chapter a day. Some days the books have been so good I have just kept going. I hit a road block. One of the books I picked up kept telling me about the book, but never got to the actual content in the book…in the first hour of listening. (Had it been a paper book I would not have made it that far…)

What book am I reading? High Performance Habits by Brendon Burchard. I am fascinated with the premise. Are there habits that lead to high performance? What are they? How do I implement them in my life? Answering these questions is the reason I picked up the audio book and the Kindle version as well.

My main issue so far? The introduction of the book is 27 pages. It feels like website copy for a course the author wants me to purchase. There are some interesting tidbits, but so far I am. unclear about what I am going to learn throughout the book. I keep getting lost in over explanation and unnecessary commentary.

I am looking at the table of contents on my Kindle now and the description of the first High Performance Habit doesn’t start until page 52..of a 370 page book. The author also said that he started with 1400+ pages and this was the revision.

However, all of this commentary is offset by the reader of the audiobook. It is read by the author. I can hear his enthusiasm. He is passionate about what he does. He has worked with countless people, including Oprah. I am certain there are nuggets in the book I want to get to. However, I had to set it down for now.

Am I done with the book? No. I intend to keep going. I may have to listen and read this one. I may have to skim parts that are repetitive try to find the meat of the topic. His enthusiasm makes me want to at least find that part.

I am going to keep trying. If I find the good parts, I will share more.

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