I’m watching the sunrise right now. This may be my favorite time of day. Although I hate waking up early, seeing the sun peek up over the horizon never gets old. It’s beautiful and amazing and so much more.

With the start of every day, it feels like the slate is clean. We have a chance to start over and do things better than we did the day before. It doesn’t always feel true, but many days it actually is.

I also enjoy the quiet that daybreak brings. At the moment, I am driving down the road recording my thoughts to capture them for this post later. The road is quiet and not many people are out. It feels like there’s more space to breathe and think and pray and to be. I’m thankful for this.

If the slate is truly clean with the start of the morning, I need that space to shape what the day will be like. I need to carefully consider the things I will do and the good that needs to be done. I crave the thoughtful life. I need to do things on purpose.

If we’re not careful and don’t put intentions behind our actions life can get away from us. We will spend our days floating along and not making the impact we were designed to make. I don’t want that to be me. God has put me here for a reason and I want to fulfill that.

How about you? What is the reason you’re here? Are you fulfilling that purpose? I pray the answer is yes. I pray that you have fulfillment and the peace of knowing that God’s purpose for your life is being realized. I pray the same thing for myself.

I am so thankful to God for each sunrise. I will use each one to do the good He has for me.

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