I looked in the mirror today and what did I see? An older face than I expected. He still looks like me, just a little bit grayer than he expected to be. Maybe a little wiser too.

It really doesn’t bother me. Someone asked me the other day if I would go back to a younger age to do it all over again….my answer? Absolutely not. No way. No thank you. I will stay when and where I am . I’m good.

I say this for two reasons: 

1. If I had made any changes on the road to getting here, things would be very different. I am thankful for the life God has given me. I love my family and friends.  I enjoy my work. I am even getting better at taking care of myself. Sure, I could be further down the road, but I wouldn’t want to take that chance. 

2. God has brought me here for a purpose. I don’t always know what that purpose is, but I know I have the opportunity to be a good example because of the road that I have walked. It is the ups and downs that can be used to love and encourage others. I think that is very powerful. Also, I have no idea what impact I have had on the world, but everything we do can be impactful. I wouldn’t want to change that.

I heard a story once of a man who was teaching his son about how our choices ripple out and touch other people. He threw a stone in a peaceful pond. He had his son watch the ripples. He then told his son, “The stone is your actions. The ripples are its effects. We must make good choices to cause good effects.” The man was right. Those ripples carry out much further than we expect. 

What stone are you throwing in the water today?

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