Have you ever really liked something and then after time goes by you don’t like it as much anymore? it used to be enjoyable, but now not so much? I have experienced this more than once.

I used to love Dr. Pepper. Love isn’t even the right word. I had a problem. At one point I was drinking as much as three liters a day. I realized I needed to cut back, so I switched over to coffee. I could still get the caffeine, but not the sugar. it was a good solution.

I tried to drink a Dr. Pepper not long ago. Holy. Cow. Are you kidding me? I couldn’t even drink half a can. It still tasted decent, but goodness gracious was it sweet! How was I drinking that much? It just wasn’t the same.

I also noticed this recently on my computer. I remember the first computer I bought after Marixa and I got married. It was a super cool Sony Viao that I paid way too much for. I had that computer for a long time and was so proud of it. Several years went by and I got the bug to buy a Mac. So, I went out and got a Mac Mini. Amazingly I paid less for it than I did the Sony Viao.

Last week I got my newest Mac Mini (I’ve had it for a while, but haven’t been using it that much) set up so I can do some recording on it. I have come to realize…I really don’t like computers that much. The world has evolved so much that I do most everything on my iPhone…including the post you are reading. The computer is still necessary, but I don’t enjoy it anything like I used to.

We also ran across this tonight as we watched a movie. Have you seen First Knight? It is an oldie that we haven’t seen in many years. Years ago, I remember Marixa thinking it was very romantic. Nothing stops Lancelot from pursuing Guinevere. I agreed with her back in the day and we really liked the movie.

It has been so different watching it this time. Lancelot is pursuing a married woman. He is not honorable. He breaks the vow of brotherhood he made with King Arthur. Marixa told me tonight that she doesn’t know why she thought it was romantic. It is actually the opposite. It just isn’t the same.

The three examples I have given are normal though. As we grow, we change. Sure, there are many things that we will always love, but it is very natural to change perspectives over the years. I for one am glad that we keep changing and evolving. It definitely makes like more fun.

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