I just finished a wonderful book by Og Mandino called The Greatest Salesman in the World. It was first printed in 1967. I think I can safely say it is just as awesome today as the day it was released.

The book is a story set in the first century which is centered around Mr. Mandino’s philosophy of success, namely in the arena of sales. It is a very easy read (I actually got the audiobook off of iTunes) and is well worth the time. If you haven’t read it, do! Ok, now that the commercial is over…on to the subject of the post.

One of the points of his philosophy is this: I will persist until I succeed. It made me think about a lot of the goals I have had in my life. About dreams that I have had that have or haven’t come about. I have been guilty of quitting on more than one occasion. My reasons? Things got too hard. It wasn’t fun anymore. There was something new and shiny that drew my attention. Whatever the excuse was, I did more quitting that I would have liked. With this mantra as my guide what would have been accomplished?

Now, I have accomplished many things over the years that I am proud of. Many of them bring me joy to this day. But, many of these things have been at random. What if I had been focused on specific goals? To persist until I succeeded?

Mr. Mandino was writing his philosophy to be applied to the area of sales. The character in the book had focus and therefore accomplished much. There was a definite goal in the character’s mind and he was going to persist until he found success. Have you ever wanted something that much? So much that you would do anything you could to attain it? To know that no matter what came at you, your mantra would be ‘I will persist until I succeed?’

One line from the chapter says this: I will try, and try, and try again. Each obstacle I will consider as a mere detour to my goal and a challenge to my profession…so long as there is breath in my, that long will I persist.

What goals do you have that you could apply this mantra to? How would things be different if you chose to say boldly ‘I will persist until I succeed?’

The principles of the book are timeless. The story that conveys these principles is excellent as well. If you haven’t read this one, check it out.

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