This one is a work in progress. I wrote the first verse and the chorus, but am stuck. This is outside of my life experience and I do t know what this feels like. If you want to co-write it with me I think it could be a good song. Any takers?

Verse 1

I pick up the boxes that lay all around…this dusty garage filled with reminders of life’s ups and downs. Looking for signs of a life spent with you, but I know that you took it all when you said we were through.

I hold out a hope that there are things left behind that will give me a glimpse through the shadows in my mind. Hoping the days that we spent won’t all fade away Because losing you was enough of a price to pay.


Now I keep looking for the pieces of you. Hoping to find any scrap that will do. It’ll help me cope with the fact that you’re gone and hopefully give me the power to go on.

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