I heard a wonderful talk this afternoon as I attended a Toastmasters competition. The speech was given by my competition for the contest. The moment she started her presentation I though, “Whoa. I might get beat this time.” Her topic? Her personal journey to self improvement.

Though she desribed herself as a once shy and timid person, a very confident woman stood on the stage. She was extremely uplifting and very motivating. She shared two things that I want to share with you this evening.

First, in her journey to self improvement, was fanning the flame of self development. She told the group that she came to a place where she realized that the only way she was going to see improvements in her life was to take the initiative to get it done. From what she says, she has done just that. She is now an avid reader and seeks out wisdom to add to her life.

The next thing she brought to the group was the need for community and being around like minded people. She mentioned that participating in Toastmasters had greatly changed her life because she was around other motivated people who are focused on improving their lives. She receives feedback often and has been on a constant path to being more than she is now.

I really enjoyed her presentation and competing with her.

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