“What in the #@$& is going on here?”

Jennifer looked up just as a hand was coming down across her face. She stumbled back and did her best to get away. Off the side of the bed and through the doorway she went as she heard the sound of the gun go off. Her lover was dead.

Naked and alone, she ran quickly down the hall and to the front door.

“Come back here #@$@ you.”

She could hear him closing in behind her. She ran through the front yard and across the street. The neighbors would help. She prayed they would.

He came out the front door just as she made it onto the neighbor’s porch. Their door was open and he could see that she was slipping inside. Gun aimed he took his shot. With satisfaction he watched as she slumped into the neighbors arms. He had hit his target as she was taken out of his sight.

“The cops will be here soon,” he thought to himself.

With that Timothy Vargas was not seen again.

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