I wrote the other day about the butterfly effect. To me it is one of the most amazing thought exercises to trace back to certain points in life to see how you got where you are. How would things be different if not for that one event? do you have moments like that?

The truth is we all have several of these moments in our lives. We may not call them out for what they are. Or, we may place too much importance on them. Let me give an example.

Years ago I was in a job I hated. The work was fine, but not challenging. The environment was toxic. There was little chance of advancement. Actually, there was no chance of advancement. I would have called it comfortable misery, but it wasn’t even comfortable.

One day a friend called me and asked for my resume. He knew of a job and wanted to pass my resume to the hiring manager. So, I polished it up and sent it on. Before I knew it I was in an interview. Not long after that I got a call that changed the course of my career. The hiring manager asked me, “Would you still like to come work for us?” I wanted to shout YES! at the top of my lungs. However, I composed myself and told her, “That would be wonderful.” Two weeks later, my misery was done.

I remember clearly on my 5 year anniversary with the company I sent an email to the friend who helped get my resume to the right person. I told him thank you. His response? “Dude, I handed a piece of paper to someone 5 years ago. You thanked me then. Everything else that has happened is because of you. I’m good.”

At the time he told me that I thought he was just being modest. I now see he was hitting me with some solid truth. Yes, his action gave me the opportunity to walk down a new path. Without the phone call to ask for my resume, I wouldn’t be where I am today. But, I wouldn’t be where I am without a lot of good choices and hard work on my part too.

I have been in this career field for 13 years now. I have gotten a masters degree related to what I do. I have worked very hard to improve my skills. I left that company and now work in a different state doing even more than I did before. I wake up most every day excited to go do what I get to do.

So, what does this have to do with the butterfly effect? My friend’s actions was the initial beat of the butterfly’s wings. I added good choices and hard work to that. Others have helped me along the way. I have taken advantage of opportunities. Now, I am miles away from where I was because of a small action that turned into something huge.

What has happened in your life that is similar to this?

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