I love people. I love talking to people. Finding out about them. I love starting conversations that matter…conversations that let people know that they matter.

I have found that some of the best conversations that I have had are because I was trying to show an act of kindness to the other person. If someone can sense that you care, they are much more willing to open up into conversation. They will definitely be glad that you talked to them.

         I went through the line of a restaurant at lunch a couple of days ago. The lady running the register looked like she had had a rough day. You know the look I am referring to. She had had it rough and needed a break.

         As I got to the counter, she covered her mouth and let out a big yawn. I could tell that this would be a good opportunity to brighten her day. As she looked back at me, I smiled from ear to ear and said, “It is only noon. You must have started early and haven’t caught a break.” She smiled back at me. Her spirit lifted just a bit.

         What I said was not spectacular, but it was purposeful. I validated that she was a hard worker and that she had been doing her job. Someone had noticed. Someone cared. By smiling at her and showing her sincerity, I filled a need that she had.

So, the question is: When you talk to people, what do they need? It may be a laugh. It may be encouragement. They may just need someone else to acknowledge that they are there and important enough to speak to. People all around us need our contact. This has to become second nature. I don’t walk around all the time looking at different people wondering, what do they need? That would make me weird. I do care about people. I do want the best for people. Because of that, I try my best to be a good conversationalist. If I fill a need they have, good.

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