I wrote this after ten years of marriage. I feel it even more after 21 years gone by. I love you Marixa!

If I had known what lay down this path

When I started down it long ago

I would not change a thing

I would not be who I am now

If the path had been different.

Of this I am sure

Loving you has shaped me.

You have helped me grow

Into a man that I am proud to be.

Each new day I wake up more in love

With the woman that I married.

She is so much more than the girl she once was.

Like stars colliding our paths intertwined

A gravity that we could not explain drew us in

We are still locked blissfully in love’s stronghold.

I am a decade down this road

Through paths that have curved and turned

But the journey has been so very sweet

For all of my life this path I will travel

Walking beside you hand in hand

For as I travel along with you, my heart is at home.

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