My armor is not as shiny as it once was. Armor that has been used rarely is. It is well made. It has withstood the attacks and we survive. My lady is safe. This is my achievement. My lady is safe. She is cared for. She is loved.

I can say with a quiet assurance that she see no issue when she looks at me. She knows my love for her as I know hers. She is mine and I am hers. I will fight for her. I will defend her. With my last breath if needed.

In days long ago another tried to take up the shield and sword to defend her. His armor was polished as was his sword, but they were both poorly made. His armor cracked and his sword shattered when trouble came. He fled when attacked and he left her all alone in the wild.

I found her soon after. I befriended her and bade her come with me. I sought to know her mind, heart and soul. She is a jewel that is beyond compare. A beauty that knows no equal. Hers is a love like I have never know. Together we have traveled far and have farther to travel still.

Yes. My armor is thick and heavy and does not shine too brightly. Its dull finish is a reminder to those who would try that this knight has known battle and has won. I will not take the armor off to polish it, for my lady must not suffer attack. For her will I always stand at the guard.

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