Yes. I am on of those guys. You know the type? Sometimes I read definitions of words, just for fun. It amazes me that we have such a huge arsenal at our disposal to express what we want to say. And yet…sometimes we goof. Maybe it’s just me.

I remember very clearly that I liked to use big words when I was a teenager. Some kids played sports to look cool. Others drove nice cars. Me? I wanted to look smart. How did I do it? By making myself look like a fool misusing words I didn’t understand.

When I was 16 I used to visit the Christian bookstore in our little town. It had a great atmosphere and the owner was friendly and went to my church. He asked me how my day went. I responded…very monogamous. He busted out laughing. For a moment I though about being offended. I asked him why he was laughing. He says, “Do you mean monotonous?” Yes. I meant monotonous. I had the right meaning…not the right word.

These days I try to use a wide vocabulary, but it has nothing to do with looking cool. I just love words. I love the meanings that they are packed with. Words have the power to lift us up and tear us down. We can inspire with our words and we can motivate…others and ourselves.

Several years ago I heard about choosing a word for the year. The pastor of our church is the one who presented the idea. He encouraged us to pray and choose a word that would motivate us throughout the year. A few years ago my word was engage. What does it mean? To establish a meaningful contact or connection with something g or someone. My goal was to engage more with my work and those around me to make a difference.

Last year the word in our home was healing. After going through cancer for the second time, focusing on healing and wellness was the task for the year. For the most part, that is what 2019 was. I have been cancer free for 19 months and feel better than I have in quite some time.

So, I have been considering g my word for 2020. I think that I am going to go with thrive. What does this mean? Webster’s Dictionary says this: to progress toward or realize a goal despite or because of circumstances. After a year of healing, it is time to start setting goals again. It is time to take my family, friendships, health, fitness, church involvement and my work to the next level. It is time to thrive.

Do you have a word for the year? What is it?

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