Two words can tell a whole story. Don’t believe me? Vote Repulican. Vote Democrat. Buy domestic. Choose life. You suck. Cubs win. Jesus wept.

Two words can speak volumes. Believe it or not, an entire history can be referenced in just a few words. It might be a history people identify with, or a history they despise. It may remind them of part of their own story. For the good or bad, it may only take two words to set someone off or win them over.

Why is that? The language that we use is dripping with meaning. The words take on more than just their definitions. They evoke memories. They remind us of frustrations or triumphs. Look again at the two words sentences that I started this post with. What do they stir up in you?

So, if the words we use are this powerful…why are we not more careful with them? In our younger we have the power of life and death. We can build up and we can tear down. The words we speak are so important. Words to others and words to ourselves.

Imagine what your words, purposeful words, can do when you are telling your story? You bring people in. Form friendships. Build trust. Find purpose. It is the same for careless words. You can damage your credibility and hurt many with a few ill spoken words.

Bottom line is this: People are listening to what we are saying. They attach their own meaning to what we say, even when we don’t know that is what they are doing. Choose your words wisely. You might be saying more than you realize.

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