Who am I? Where am I? I see flashes. I almost remember, but it is hard. My gut tells me I am a warrior. I can’t remember. I only know the prison cell I find myself in. How will I escape? I must find a way. It takes some time, but the answer is plain. The only way out is through.

The problem is I don’t know which direction to take. I can hear the sounds of battle, but I am confused. I am so turned around I don’t know north from south. But, I am determined. I will not quit. I will not surrender. It would be better to die fighting than to rot where I am.

The first thing is to get up. The enemy may not notice if I rise slowly, but what if they do? On my feet, I look to my left and right. There has to be a clue…and there it is, a footprint. Was another here before me? Is the path laid out and I didn’t see it before? My legs are tired, but I take the first step and I feel life returning to them.

A sword and shield lay feet away. I take them. As I grasp the hilt a pulse shoots down my arm. My limbs begin to remember something my brain is having trouble making out. I am a warrior. How did I forget? I have purpose. How long have I hidden it away? The first step was finding the path, and now as I make my way I start to remember who I really am.

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