I consider myself a creative guy. I like to write. I like to sing. I love public speaking. Being creative in these ways feels right…and is crazy hard half the time too. So, while I have always considered myself creative, I have not consistently created over the years. There is a definite difference.

This difference was really brought to light for me through a book I just finished called Creative Calling. It is by photographer/entrepreneur Chase Jarvis. In the book he details how he went from following a very traditional path of playing college sports and going to med school, to giving it all up after his grandfather passed away to pursue being a photographer.

To say the book was inspiring would be an understatement. It was like the guy was reading all of my mail and my excuses and telling me to get past my bologna and create anyway. The writing that has appeared in this blog for the last three weeks is me pushing the processed meat aside and following the instructions I have been given.

At one point I believe I read this: we are what we do, not what we say we are going to do. I had to wrestle with that one. I know that I can talk a good game. I have to admit that I have talked a lot over the years, but haven’t really followed through. I have great intentions, but…we know where intentions go.

In the book he offers encouragement and guidance to help get past what I have described above. In that encouragement he even said start small. I can do something creative every day. Even if it is just writing one sentence, singing a few lines of one of my songs, or working on my next speech project. I can do something every day. You can too.

Are you creative? Yes. You are. We are human and by nature are all creative in some way. It just had to be cultivated. It may not come natural, but it is a muscle that can be built. I am all in on the journey to being my best creative self. I hope you will join me…and check out the book too. It was good stuff.

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