I absolutely love coming home. Whether it is from a hard day at work, or wherever else I have been it is a wonderful feeling. There is a magic about this place that is so amazing to me. I blame it all on Marixa. She is the mastermind behind the cozy.

When we first got married I quickly learned that she was about to up my game. What do I mean? I quickly began to desire a beautiful and comfortable place. I want to do my part to ensure it stays cozy. She purposefully builds that atmosphere. I absolutely love it.

For example, we have already decorated for Christmas. We have a Christmas tree in our room. Many nights I will sit with the bedroom lights off and just the lights of the tree shining. The atmosphere is amazing and peaceful. It is just as she designed it.

I also realized that home was no longer just a place. Home is wherever she is with me. I get so much comfort and peace from her just being by my side. She can wrap her arms around me and the rest of the world melts away. It is so good.

There is so much to be said for the effect your atmosphere has on you. I didn’t know it years ago, but I can sure see the evidence now. This place soothes me.

I am so thankful for you Marixa! Thank you for making and being the home I have always dreamed of. I appreciate you so much!

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