I have been reading a new book about creativity. It is a called Creative Calling. It is a book about establishing a creative practice in life. So far it has been an amazing book and there have been several things that have stood out to me. I’d like to share one of those with you now.

In the fifth chapter of the book the author, Chase Jarvis, is outlining why you need to make a space to do creative work in. Whether it is writing at a Starbucks, or having a dedicated place for a musical instrument so it is always out and ready…if you don’t have space for creative work, it is hard to produce. That is not what stood out though.

In this chapter he asks the question, what are your dreams worth? I have to admit, this question caught me off guard. Most of the time I have a hard time defining exactly what my dreams are… So how would I know what they are worth? I am 41 years old. I think it is time to get crystal clear on my dreams.

More than that though, Chase was making a point to say your dreams are valuable and you need to make time and effort to pursue them. If I don’t think what I’m doing is valuable, who else will? In truth, nobody. I have to believe that what I dream is important and work to pursue it.

I am wrestling with these questions. What are my dreams? What are my dreams worth? I do know this, they are worth defining. They are worth pursuing. They are worth fighting for.

If the last few years has taught me anything, I have learned that life is fragile. We on have one life. We need to be brave and bold and choose to live and love on purpose.

I know I am not offering much more than a question in this post, but it is a question worth asking. What are your dreams worth?

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