I have something to get off my chest. Something that I need to get out in the open once and for all. I am not proud of this. It frustrates me daily. Writing these words is, I hope, my first steps in overcoming this issue. What is it that has me? Having a voice and refusing to use it. 

What? What does he mean by that? Let me explain.

We all have hopes, dreams, ambitions, talents…all the stuff you read about in blogs and in various self help books. Deep inside ourselves, as the cliche tells us, we know that we are meant for more. However, many of us…and by many of us I mean me…freely admit that we are meant for more and then do absolutely nothing about it. We take solace in the fact that there is untapped greatness inside and live that greatness out in fantasy…only to wake up from time to time totally dissatisfied with the reality we have created.

I am tired of living in my head. I am tired of only imagining. It is time to turn imagination into reality…even if reality ends up looking different than what I first dreamt up. It is time to move forward. 

What is it I dream of? What is the voice I refuse to use? I dream of communities of people that communicate clearly with each other. I desperately want to see people come together on issues that keep them far apart, because I believe we are only far apart because we have forgotten, or have never known, how to effectively communicate with one another. Take almost any issue that faces the world today and you will generally find two sides of the story. Two parties at war with each other over the best way to handle the situation. What is the truth of the matter? There are far more than two sides of the story…there are far more solutions that we allow ourselves to imagine. 

Where does this desire of mine come from? I have been speaking in front of groups of people for many years as a part of Toastmasters and through other venues. It has been my great honor to listen to the stories and the ideas of hundreds of people as they work on their ability to speak in public. I have worked very hard to craft messages that resonate with people around the subjects of motivation, dreams, and other uplifting subjects. One of the things I have found through my own speeches and through listening to the presentations of others? We are all more alike that we are different. We have much more in common that we are willing to admit. Just like the speaking community Toastmasters, we need  communities of diverse people that communicate and work out life together. 

What do I hope to achieve through this blog? I have many  questions to  wrestle though and a story to tell. I want to be a better communicator and encourage anyone who reads these words to join me in that journey. I believe this life in only lived right when we are living it to better ourselves and others. This is my first step along that journey. I would be very honored if you would join me along the way.

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