I will admit it. I like things to be comfortable. On Sunday it was raining in Oklahoma. My wife had the shades in the house drawn and lots of candles lit. The house smelled good. The lighting was nice. The temperature was just right. We made a good pot of chicken chili. It was a comfortable evening and I really enjoyed it. I want to be comfortable in my home. I like being comfortable in general.

I have come to the realization that I don’t want to be comfortable in everything. Ever had a job you hate? Every been in a relationship with someone that had grown stagnant? We grow comfortable and it doesn’t matter if we are miserable as well, we must maintain the comfort. I stayed in a job like that for nearly 4 years because it was something that didn’t push me too hard. I was miserable, but it was comfortable in its own way.

You know one thing that will make you uncomfortable in a good way? Goals. I recently sat down and typed out my Life Goal list. I currently have 72 items down, with hopes of making it to 100. It is extremely exciting to get all of these things down on paper. I like seeing them in front of me and thinking about what things I will be able to do, but it is an uncomfortable process. I know that to accomplish many of these things I will have to push myself harder than I have ever have before. I will have to go farther that I have been. I may have to give up some things that I enjoy to accomplish them. I will have to do things in a different way to attain different results. This is exciting and a bit scary all at the same time.

Dreaming is uncomfortable in this way. It takes us out of the place we are in and for a moment puts us in the place we want to be. Then, we have to connect the dots. Make out a plan. Act. To accomplish noble goals, I imagine that there is a great loss of comfort. I am ready for this. I am certain that the purpose that you gain because of it is worth the sacrifice.

How about you? Have you given up on any of your dreams because you have grown comfortable? Is it time to choose to be uncomfortable and take those dreams back?

One thought on “Sometimes uncomfortable is right where you need to be.

  1. I wouldn’t say I’ve given up on my dream, but I’ve definitely postponed it due to motherhood. I try to remind myself it’s just a delay, since I really do intend to make it reality when my toddler is a few years removed from toddlerdom.

    Most often, with smaller matters, I feel like discomfort is a sign something isn’t working. It means it’s time to start looking at ways to change your life so the kind that won’t inspire such discomfort. I see it as a tool.

    It’s interesting to see someone else describe it as such.



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