Something happened this evening at my house that has not occurred in many moons: my son fell asleep before nine o’clock. He has been a ten thirty warrior of late. Even when we get him in bed at eight thirty he still doesn’t give up until then. So, Marixa and I took advantage of the time and talked…for over an hour. That is the good stuff.

It always takes a little bit to get into the deep conversation. You have to get through the ‘what happened today’, the ‘he did what to the dog?’, and any other thing that might distract. But, about 10 minutes into talking the pace gets steady and ideas and dreams start to come out. Real communication starts to happen. I love it when she and I get to do this.

How much time do you spend really talking with your spouse? Since we had Trey we haven’t had the opportunities like we used to. But, I will say this: talking with her has a way of making everything come back into focus. She has an in to my life that no one else does and I trust what she tells me. There are times I don’t like what she tells me, but I trust her and 99.9% of the time she is on the money.

This is one of the parts of marriage that I love the most. There is someone who loves me and has committed their life to spend walking beside me through all the stuff. We don’t have to go it on our own. We have each other. Whatever comes we face it together. The years keep passing by and I am more hooked on being married to Marixa. It just keeps getting better.

If it has been a while since the two of you have had a good long conversation, it is time to have one. Don’t put off connecting with your spouse any longer. Two is better than one. Much better.

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