If you have read my blog for any amount of time you know this about me: I love food. I enjoy cooking very much. There are times when you get home after a long day at work though that you just have to jump in the car and go in search of someone else to fix your evening meal. Know what I mean?

Marixa and I enjoy finding new places to eat. I have a soft spot for mom and pop establishments. I want to find our local ones that are doing a good job and support them. Their food is usually better, and sometimes even better for you. Many use fresh local ingredients and don’t have a ton of overhead to worry about for their business so they can keep the food items reasonably priced.

Not to long ago we tried a new hamburger joint right around the corner from our neighborhood. It had been a donut shop previously and I was happy to see something a little less greasy go in in it’s place. We were pleased with the service and the food was good. The owner of the establishment seemed very eager and I hope his business does well. Time will tell if he makes it, but it seems like he wants it to.

On the recommendation of a couple we know from church, we tried an authentic Mexican place in Oklahoma City. I am not sure if they have a heater/AC in the place. We went in just after it had snowed and it was definitely cold in the place. My first impression was not all that positive. But, they brought the food out and I forgot all about it. The tacos and tamales were awesome. The prices were awesome. Have been back to have more good food since. The good far outweighed the bad.

Ok. Two success stories unfortunately pave the way for a FAIL story. We tried a little Mexican restaurant in town this evening. IIt is a small space that will only seat less than 40 comfortably and looked inviting. We went in expecting for it to be good. We had built up anticipation that it was going to be great. Marixa got chicken enchiladas. I had chicken nachos. I was very disappointed. It wasn’t even average. It was awful. The queso was curdled. The chicken had no seasoning. I asked the waitress what kind of cheese the queso was made out of to which she replied, “I don’t know.” She turned and walked away. I am glad we tried the place, but I am disappointed it wasn’t what we expected.

Even though we didn’t enjoy the meal we had tonight, my desire to explore new places is not put out. Every once in a while we are going to find a dud when we are looking for new things that will bring excitement and joy to our lives. One bad experience will not keep me from wanting to experience. This is true with restaurants and with all areas in life. The good is out there. I just have to keep looking.


2 thoughts on “Good is out there.

  1. It’s an adventure isn’t it? Trying out new foods and new restaurants. I agree with you about the mom and pop shops. There are a few great restaurants here in my town, and my favorites are those owned by people who live right here.


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