I do my best to not be part of the ‘Oh, lord it’s Monday…Thank God, it’s Friday’ crowd. I think that attitude makes us miss a lot of important stuff that goes on during the week. At the very least, we don’t get the kind of enjoyment out of life that we can. With that being said, I was very excited that it was Friday a couple of days ago. Why? It was time for seeing good friends and having some home made Mexican food.

I got a little more ambitious than normal and made the following: Chicken and Beef Fajitas, Fried Jalapeños, Fresh Squeezed Limeade, and Tex-Mex Sundaes. I had a blast. Since I covered the jalepenos in a different post, I am going to focus on the limeade and the Tex-Mex Sundaes. (We will save the fajitas for another time!) All in all I was in the kitchen for about three hours.

I found the limeade recipe through Chef Rick Bayless. It is the perfect blend of sweet and tart and absolutely refreshing. It is also very easy to make. It takes the juice of 6-8 limes, a cup and a half of sugar, and a quart of sparkling water. Give it a try and you won’t be disappointed. One word of caution though, the sugar will react with the sparkling water and create quite a mess if you aren’t careful!

The Tex-Mex Sundae is courtesy of Paula Deen. It is all kinds of awesome. It is a wonderful blend of textures. It starts with a base of a fried tortilla that is then sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar. On top of that put 2-3 scoops of homemade cinnamon ice cream. The recipe calls for a topping of chocolate syrup and a cherry. I have taken a little creative license and have topped it in a few different ways. I like the chocolate syrup topped with whipped cream. Marixa doesn’t want chocolate syrup at all, but prefers a strawberry sauce over the top with whipped cream on top of that.

The strawberry sauce can be made by thawing a package of frozen strawberries, adding 2 tablespoons of lemon juice and half a cup to a cup of powdered sugar. You don’t want to make the sauce too sweet or it will mask the flavor of the sundae.

Overall, I would call Friday night a success. Everyone enjoyed the food and that is what we cook for isn’t it? I continue to be amazed at how food can bring people together. It can be a very intimate time that is shared among friends. I am very thankful for this. It is one of the reasons I enjoy cooking as much as I do.

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