Piles. All around. That seems to be the way my office ends up. I would like to be able to smile and say that it was my filing system (and that I knew what was in each pile). Sadly this is not the case. Most of the stuff that is in the piles I don’t need. Some of it is stuff I want to look at later (whenever that is). The smaller portion of it is actually important, but because it is buried it often gets overlooked.

Life is a lot like this too. We get so much stuff going on. So many things we are committed (or used) to doing. Most of it is stuff that is not beneficial. Some of it could be, but we need time to work on it. The smaller portion is what really matters. There are many days that the important stuff gets lost in all of the noise.

Stephen Covey said it this way, “Things that matter most must never be at the mercy of things that matter least.” Do I really need all the piles I have in my office? No. I can say the same thing about some of the stuff going on in life as well. How many times do I bury the important things and keep the stuff that doesn’t matter up where it doesn’t belong?

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