I have a pal named Shorty. This little dog has been my buddy for over 10 years. He has been a good dog. He is the most loyal thing I have ever seen. He still follows me around the house. He still has to run in the house first thing and come looking for me. He isn’t satisfied until he finds me and gets his back scratched. He is the picture of devotion.

It makes me wonder what my life would look like if I applied even a 10th of the devotion to things that he gives to me. It is an interesting thought exercise. What would my relationship with God look like if I was that devoted? What would my marriage look like? How would my friendships be affected? What goals would I accomplish and how fast?

I am amazed at the devotion he shows me. Yep. Here he is. He just walked in the room. He is not even done chewing his food. He had to come find me.

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