I never thought I would find so much joy in reading to a little boy. But, I have. It is awesome. Every night is the same. He is two years old and he asks for socks in socks. Translated: Fox in Socks by Dr. Suess.

It really gives me perspective on what is important in life. I could be upset, preoccupied, frustrated, etc….when my boy asks for Fox in Socks it all goes away…

I have actually gotten pretty good at it. (For those of you who don’t know it is a book of tounge twisters.) But, that is not the important part. He snuggles in close to me. He wraps my arm over him as he gets ready. Then he listens to the whole thing. Over fourty pages. He loves it. But, I think I get more out of it than he does. He gets to listen. I get him.

I know that these times are short. One day I will wake up and he will be sixteen asking for the car keys. For now, he is two years old. I read nonsence to him because he loves it. And somehow I feel complete…in a way that I never have. I never knew being a dad would be so cool. It is. And I am so thankful for it.

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