I read a great post tonight on my wife’s blog entitled “Why I blog.” My wife, Marixa, is very passionate about living on purpose. She has a great passion for family and babies and birth. I love her perspective. I love her passion for living. I love her. Very much.

She said something that stuck with me. The following is an excerpt from her post (you can read the full post on her site):

That’s what I want this blog to be about. I want to challenge your thinking on subjects. I want you to think about your view or opinion on a subject and make sure you have thoroughly thought it through. Changing your mind is not my goal. It’s showing you a different perspective or new info so you can be sure of your stance on the subject.

This is one of the reasons I blog as well. I want to wrestle through tough subjects and hopefully have anyone who reads join me in the conversation. That is what blogging is: adding your voice to the conversation that is already going on. We take the time to write out and explain a subject from our viewpoint. Those who read can take that information and do with it what they will. Hopefully the reader is enlightened in some way. I know I am enlightened every time I post because I have had to wrestle through my thoughts on a subject and deliver them in a format that makes sense.

Seth Godin and Tom Peters have a great video on YouTube about why they choose to blog:

Why do I blog? It lets me join in conversations that are important to me. It makes me think through what I believe and what I want to say. It gives me an avenue to impact people with my words, and I am grateful that through the process of blogging I am impacted as well.

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