Once upon a time in my life I had a job I hated. We can all relate I am sure. One of the functions of this job was to run the errands for the office. My official title was Office Manager. My actual title could have been Office Gopher. So, I made a point to run my errands in such a way that I got to go by places or see things that gave me hope. One day I inadvertently found an oasis.

I was trying to get to a Bank of America branch. I had a large amount of coins that I had to deposit for the business owner (So he could put them in his granddaughter’s savings account. It had nothing to do with the business). The drive through would not take the large coin bag and I had to go to the nearest walk in branch. It is in a downtown office building that is made of glass. Inside the building are several businesses spread over 10 stories of building. The first floor of the building has a large water feature. When you walk in the building it is the first and loudest thing you hear. It was like white noise blocking out the frustration I felt inside. There is a cafe across from the water feature. I didn’t care if it took me an extra 20 minutes to get back to work. I bought a cup of coffee and sat and listened to the water. It was a healing place.

The office I worked in was one the most unprofessional places you could imagine. From the barrage of foul language to the owner’s love of smoking cigars in an open office, I could not see any hope some days. My self worth was plummeting. Somthing changed inside when I found the oasis. I was reminded that there was a much bigger world. One that was professional (and didn’t smell bad). Every time I went I watched the people around me. They were sharply dressed. They looked like they had a purpose about them. It was an amazing encouragement. I started to believe that I could be like that.

Do you have an oasis? Is there a place you go to gain perspective? Does it help you find focus?

I went back a couple of days ago. It had been a while. I am since in a job where I feel like those people I described before. I have worked hard. I have gained respect. I feel like the work I do matters. I needed the oasis for a different reason this time. I have dreams and goals I am working towards now. Personal and professional. Life gets so busy sometimes it is hard to find a quiet moment to think. So, I went back. The oasis I needed was still there, even though I needed it for a different reason. After a few minutes listening to the water and surrounded by the people the thoughts began to flow.

If you feel stuck, I encourage you to find your own oasis. Even if it is just 40 minutes in the middle of an average day, it will do wonders for your soul.

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