New Music for Monday

Many of the songs that I have written have been drawn from personal experience. Those have been the easier songs to write. You don’t have to crawl inside of anybody else’s head. You are just writing what you feel and what you know. Sometimes these songs turn out really good. Sometimes people look at you weird and wonder what is wrong with you…ok, that doesn’t happen often. Anyway.

Then you get this cursed thing called writer’s block. There have been times I have sat for hours with the desire to write a new song and nothing that has happened in my life is speaking to me. It bugs me when this happens. But, every once in a while something that happened to someone else, or something that could have happened to someone else grabs your attention.

The song linked below is one of this kind. I took a situation that happened to a friend of mine (an awful breakup with someone she had dated for some time…he messed it up) and I tried to imagine what would have happened if the ex boyfriend had realized just how special the someone he gave up was. What if he snuck into the her wedding and was filled with remorse over what he had done and had to watch in agony as someone else walked back down the isle with her? Who knows if he ever felt this way, but it was good food for thought.

I really like the way the song turned out. The recording is one I did here at my home. The sound quality is decent considering I recorded it on my iPhone. I hope you enjoy.

The One That Got Away

By My Side…a song for my wife.

Over the years I have written a handful of songs for Marixa. I wrote a song to sing to her when I proposed. I wrote the song for our wedding. I have written songs for her birthday and other occasions. There are a couple that she has really liked. One I wrote called By My Side is one of her favorites.

This was an attempt at writing a song that was about the one I love, without sounding like I was singing a love ballad. I love how spending time with her, regardless of what we are doing it makes me happy. There are days we could drive for hours and talk and it would be the best day. You know what I mean right? This is a fun up tempo number that I hope you will enjoy. I recorded this one myself, so it isn’t radio quality, but it was a good first take. Check it out and let me know what you think.

By My Side

Yeah, I admit it. I write love songs.

Over the years I have listened to my fair share of love songs. I love songs that can take you to a feeling you have felt before and make you feel it all over again. Do you know what I mean? Sure you do. They are feelings we have all felt.

I have written a few too. I wrote my wedding song and 4 or 5 more for my wife over the years. I was playing my guitar this evening trying to remember some of the ones I have written. I have a couple of favorites out of the bunch. Some still need some work, but it was that thought that counted.

In 2007 a friend of mine, Ryan, was getting married. He and his bride to be, Chelsea, were discussing what music should be played at their wedding. I was to be the best man, so I had an interest in what they picked. She is beyond musically talented. So, I suggested that she write her song. She kinda laughed it off, until she was riffing on the piano and I asked her to play a section again. I sang a couple lines from a chorus I came up with while she was playing. A really good song ensued.

She later sent me an email telling me what kind of things she wanted to say in the song. I took her suggestions and ran with them. Together We Will Go is a song I am very proud of. Chelsea wrote the piano part and I wrote the words and supplied the melody. We took the song to a recording studio where she recorded the piano track. I was able to use the track she made to sing at the wedding. It was very cool to have the bride playing the piano, while at the same time standing at the front with her groom.

It was an easy song to write. Granted, most of the thoughts that are expressed in it are feelings I have for Marixa, so I was writing from the heart.

Check the song out and let me know what you think. I really like this tune.

01 Together We Will Go

In My Arms…A song I wrote 3 years ago.

Since I was 15 I have been writing songs. Some of them pretty good. Some of them not so good. (Some I should have been beat for not throwing away right after I put down the pen!) It has been a hobby and a pursuit for over half my life. The creativity comes and goes in spurts, but when it comes it is a lot of fun.

When we found out that we had a little one on the way I knew I needed to write a song for him. I started working on it about this time in 2008. He was supposed to be a June baby (was born in July), so I gave myself plenty of time to work on the project. I had writer’s block for a couple of months. There was so much I wanted to say. How was I going to whittle all the feelings down to three minutes?

One thing that I kept coming back to over and over is that I would be able to hold him. I knew he was on the way, but I knew it would be even more awesome and real when I could hold him close to me. I remember the feeling I had when the nurse handed him to me. I have no words to describe the feeling. Hopefully the song will give a little indication. Check it out and let me know what you think.

In My Arms (Trey’s Song)